Pillow Talk

You've heard of #StitchAwayStress. You've squeezed your lemon or given it away to someone who needs a little stress relief. Now say hello to the lemon pillow. The new and improved lemon, it's bigger and even more squeezable. Use it as a pillow, a huggable stress reliever or just a fluffy shoulder to lean on when life gets tough. Snuggle up with your lemon at the end of a long day or pair it with your favorite book. Stitch your stress away and partake in the fruit of your labor.

Stitch Away Stress

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of people claim that their mood improves after they knit or crochet.


of people who knit or crochet experience stress reduction.

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of people who knit or crochet experience stress reduction.

2018 survey results

In March 2018 we asked you, "What are some of the ways that yarn crafts contribute to your wellness?" Download this infographic to see what we found!

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Ready for a fun project?

Make lemons into lemonade!

Make a lemon pillow of your own and make one to brighten someone else's day.Designed by crochet artist extraordinaire Twinkie Chan, it's cuddly and squeezable, and like the lemon stress ball Twinkie designed several years ago, a great stress reliever.

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