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bernat baby knit ruffle hat instruction help

step 16 cont. in same manner increasing 8 sts on next and every following alt row to 89 sts. i don't understand exactly what to do. thank you for any help.


What were your instructions for the previous rows when you were increasing 8 stitches?

1-knit 1,( yfwd 8 times), knit 1=17 sts.
2-and alt rows purl
3-k1(yfwd k2)8times=25 sts
5--k1(yfwd k3) 8 times=33 sts
7-k1(yfwd k4) 8 times=41 sts
9-k1(yfwd k5) 8 times=49 sts
next step is- cont in same manner increasing 8 sts and every following alt. row to 89 sts

did you get my ans. yesterday?

I just made one of these last week, seemed like the size was big for 6mos. and gauge seemed to be right according to the directions. I don't know how long you have been waiting for this answer but, you just keep doing what you were doing in the previous part of the pattern, (ie. you knit 4, M1, K4, M1) if you notice each round you increased one stitch knitting before you M1, so you continue to do that each round until you reach 89 stitches. If you look at the hat you will see a "line" of increase stitches forming at each inc. spot, so you can follow it, M1 st each time you reach that line (or just count it out) if you did K12, M1 on the last round, then you K13, M1 on the next round. Each round you increase 8 sts. overall. I hope this helps!