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babys first sweater

problem: I'm knitting the neck an i get down to row 11 an it says knit 5 for front border, purl to last 5 sts and knit 5
then row 12 says knit, row 13 says repet row 11 ans 12 until sleeve measures 8 NOW i don't know if that is

8 inches or 8 stst? then for the next row it says bind off 24 sts at beginnng of row ,work acros row, working in garter
st at front edgework ont 27 sts to match backtogarter st boder, then k 6 rows. bind off. slip sts off holder onto needle
with the point of the needle at nedk edge. join yarn and work across 39sts, work 3 more rows(4rows worked)


To your first question of 8 what, I would say when your sleeve is 8 inches wide. You worked four inches of sleeve width before you started the neck shaping and you will need to work another 4 inches on the front side to match so that would give you a total sleeve width of 8 inches.

On Row 7 after you started you neck shaping, you increased stitches so that you now have 51 stitches for your for this front. When you cast-off 24 stitches, this leaves you with 27 stitches. These are the stitches you will work until you have the same length as the back just before the garter border. End with knitting 6 rows to match the garter border on the back.

After you finish with one front, you will slip the stitches on the stitch holder and knit the other front, reversing the shaping. Thing about your cardigan sweater how you have two fronts that mirror each other -- this is what you will be doing when you reverse shape the other front side.