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I'm pretty new with this crochet stuff and I'm having trouble understanding pattern instructions. And everyone says, "why am I not surprised." Well, I've been trying to complete a doily (any doily pattern without watching a youtube video) but after about 3 or 4 rounds I get massive ruffling. It really looks like I'm following the pattern right but obviously not. Is this a typical problem?



I assume you are trying to make a center out doily and not a square or rectangular doily working from one end to the other.

There may be some waviness with a center out doily that blocking when finished can usually flatten out. If you have ruffling, it sounds like you are increasing too many stitches. Are you working with a pattern that provides a stitch count at the end of each round? Are you maintaining the correct stitch count and still have ruffling?

If the latter style, it may be that your foundation chain is too tight.