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Color Change help

Posted by: Robbin (IP Logged)
Date: September 11, 2009 09:25AM

I am starting a two color granny square. The directions say to finish off and change colors at the end of each row. So am I to cut the yarn each time? What exactly is Finish Off?

Thanks for your help.

crafty wrote 4 years 25 weeks ago

Re: Color Change help

Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: September 16, 2009 08:51AM

When I "finish off" my yarn in crochet, I cut a 3-4 inch tail, then pull this tail through the last loop on my hook and pull tight. If I am doing a round, before I cut my yarn, I slip stitch to the top of the starting chain, or first stitch of the round to close up the round. Then I cut my tail and pull it through. Then I weave this tail into the tops of my already completed stitches.

If I am doing a color change, I work the tail into my new stitches. I lay this tail across the top of whatever stitch I am working and then work my new stitch around it so I'm encasing the tail.

Whether or not I would cut my yarn every round, or carry it up the side will depend upon the look. When I carry a color up, I

crafty wrote 4 years 25 weeks ago

Re: Color Change help

Posted by: Jane R (IP Logged)
Date: September 15, 2009 08:08PM

Hi Robbin, Try YouTube and search Granny Square Finish Off, it will also show you how to change colors. Hope this helps...All the best, Jane

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