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Adding a stitch every row....help please

I'm an experienced crocheter but have always wanted to try knitting. So I bought some pomp-a-doodle yarn today and some # 9 needles to make a simple scarf. Figured I couldn't screw up a straight row of nothing but knitting stitches. Alas...I was wrong!
CO 12 sts...knitted first row, ended up with 13 stitches on hook. Knitted another row, now I have 14 on the hook. At this rate I will have a front side of a turtle neck sweater instead of a scarf! Help please, and thanks in advance.



There are a couple of ways that new knitters inadvertently add stitches . Are you finding the added stitches only at the ends of your rows or are therein scattered along your row?

If your added stitches are at the beginning of the row, what you may be doing is putting too much tension on your working yarn so that it is causing the stitch that you just created being pulled around your needle so that the two "legs" of your stitch loop look like two stitches instead of one. Before you begin work at the start of the row, be sure that you have not pulled that previous stitch over the top of your needle.

If your added stitches are scattered in the body of your work you might be accidentally wrapping your working yarn around the needle in a maneuver that is called "yarn over" in knitting. This is a type of increase. You might also be picking up the running strand between the loops on your needle or sliding the stitch loop from one needle to another instead of having it completely drop off the holding needle and settling into its place in the row below.

It is good that you are counting your stitches. It is always important to count stitches -- I've been knitting for about 45 years and I still count stitches. That's the way one checks the work.