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Knitting in the round

I am knitting in the round with circular needles and the stockinette stitch. I am working on a sweater and the body calls for working in the round. What ends up happening is the piece winds up having this spiral effect. The stitch do not go straight up and down but have a slight spiral look to it. How can I prevent this?


Knitting in the round is actually knitting in a spiral which can magnify any tendency of your yarn, or your knitting technique, to bias. Some yarns because of they way they are spun, will show biasing, even when worked flat so even more so when worked in the round.

Have you knitted other projects in the round without problem? Then it may be the yarn. If this is your first "in the round" project, I might see if it will work better with another yarn. If the biasing is slight, you could see if blocking the finished sweater will make a difference.

I know that there's something about my knitting technique that leads to biasing to some degree with just about any yarn I use. This is one reason why I do not care to knit sweaters in the round.