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knitting vertical stripes

have started a scarf with 2 stictches of colour cherryred, then a block of 16 stiches in colour lilac, then ending with 2 stiches of cherryred colour. 
however the beg and end stiches are working up separate from the block, its like i'm knitting 3 individual items on 1 needle. i'm surely doing something not right. can anyone please explain? thanks


When you change your colors are you wrapping the yarns around each other?  If not, this may explain why it appears you are knitting three separate stripes.

thanks KT, no i wasnt wrapping yarn around!!! ooops
in the meantime i started again with horizontal stripes, this time with 10 row of lilac as a main colour and 2 rows of cherry red. so i am ending up with a bit of yarn on the side each time i have a block of lilac. what do i do with the bit of yarn (the bit that ends one row of cherry red till the next one starts 10 rows up). hope i've made myself understood! ;-0 thank you

If you were working narrow stripes of 2 rows each, I would suggest that you simply carry the unused yarn up the side of your scarf but with wider stripes broken up with a narrow stripe, I would carry up only the lilac and cut the red when you are finished with it.  Leave long tails -- 4-6 inches so that it will be easier to weave in the ends when you finish. Look up "duplicate stitch" which is a form of embroidery that mimics the lines of your stitches.  When I have to weave in tails for something that is two-sided, like a scarf, I use duplicate stitching to "hide" my tails as I weave them in.