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Help with knitting slit shawl

Pattern LW2438 red heart, Ribbed Slit Shawl. I'm confused with starting the slit in the shawl. Is there a easier explanation on doing this????? Thanks!


This pattern is having you work a separate strip of fabric to make the "slit" for your shawl.

The absolute easiest way I can think of to do this would be to finish your shawl, knit a strip and then sew the strip to your shawl wherever you want the slit to appear.

This pattern is going for a more design pleasing approach which is to mark the spot where you will begin the slit by working the row where the slit will be added with both your regular yarn and contrasting yarn. If you don't want to bother with the contrasting yarn, you could place a stitch marker -- the kind that you can actually sit in the stitch at the beginning and end of the slit stitches. If you don't have a marker, you can also use lengths of waste yarn -- run it through the first stitch and tie into a loop. At the end of the slit, run int through the last stitch of the slit and tie it into a loop. If you have problems following a row of stitches, I would do as the pattern suggests and work contrasting colored yarn with your main yarn.

To pick-up stitches along the slit line, the pattern is telling you to hold your yarn to the back of your work. Take crochet hook and inserting into the middle of one of the marked stitches and pull a loop of your working yarn through to the right side. Be sure to hold on to the tail so that you don't pull it through -- just a loop. Do this for all the marked slit stitches. Place these loops on a straight needle. I think you need to cut your yarn again so that you can bring it to the from to work your stitches.

I think I would pick-up stitches a little differently. I would start at the end of the slit with my working yarn to the front. I would then pull a long length of the yarn to the back of my work and then use my crochet hook to pick-up loops from this length of yarn. When I'm finished pulling up loops, I'll have my working yarn waiting for me in front.

Hope this helps. If this still makes no sense work the shawl plain, and then knit a strip using the matching pattern and sew the ends to wherever you want the slit to be on your shawl.