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Pot scrubbers?

I once had a woman give me a whole bunch of yarn and while we were talking, she mentioned that there is a liquid that you can soak your crocheted wash cloths in to turn them into pot scrubbers. For the life of me I cannot remember what it was. So I was wondering if anyone here could help me? Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


My sister told me that you can knit/crochet your potholders using fishing line along with the yarn to make pot scubbers. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it sounds like a wonderful idea.


I have no clue what to soak them in to make them scrubbers. Unless it is something like future, the acrylic floor sealant.

I use bridal tulle cut in 1" strips and crocheted just like yarn. Made in the same number of stitches as the yarn and then sc them together around the side.

I make a circle of worsted weight cotton in dc. Usually 12. you can count the ch 3 as a st or not as suits you. now work 3 rds in a flat circle. Do the same with the strips of tulle. Now around the outside edge sc them together. Toss in the washer as needed to clean them up.