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Help with Bernat Pattern - Softee Baby - Baby Shower Booties

I'm a beginning knitter but just finished my first pair of baby shower booties using the Bernat pattern. They were a huge success...such a huge success that a girlfriend of mine wanted to know if I could knit a pair for her. Trouble is, I don't know how to increase the baby shower booties pattern into a grown-up booties pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My girlfriend is very ill, in and out of hospital frequently, and these would make a fantastic "get well soon" gift for her, besides keeping her feet warm in the hospital.

Thank you in advance!

Mother Hen 1 wrote 2 years 18 weeks ago
KT wrote 2 years 19 weeks ago

Not knowing which Bernat

Not knowing which Bernat pattern you used, it is difficult to suggest how you might adjust the pattern to make a larger size. Can you provide more information about the pattern name, or even a link to the pattern if it is on-line?

There are tons of adult slipper patterns and many of them are available for me. If you are a member of there is a huge data base of patterns you could look through. It is free to become a member but you do need to register.

This would be such a thoughtful gift for your friend. I hope that we can help you make it happen.

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