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help help PLEASE

Please HELP
I have been crocheting for years now, and I am Looking for a special pattern for a doctor who has been helping me for the last 15 years of my life. Well let me tell a litter about this, 15 years ago I walk in to the hospital
to get a new knee and long story short I have been in a wheelchair ever since. I was told I would never walk again, and the movement of air or anything touching my right leg would hurt. So being house bound I started crocheting about 8 years ago as away to help with the pain and being home alone. This doctor has over the years work hard finding new treatments
trying to help me, well after Christmas we are going to try the last one and cut off the leg with it. Yes we looking at this as a good thing... But I would
like to repay this doctor with a afghan because of all his hard work he has done for me over the years. But I just can not find a pattern that would say
thank you, and I trust you with my life..
PLEASE if anyone can help.


I'm glad that you found a doctor you have been able to work with.

Without some more information on what you would be looking for in a crocheted afghan pattern, it is difficult to give you any suggestions. There are lots of different kinds of patterns out there. Could you provide a little more information on what you would consider to be a "thank you and I trust you with my life" look? And keep in mind the best afghan pattern and color scheme would be one that your doctor would love.

Final thing I wanted to say in this post is please edit your original post to remove your email address. You should avoid posting your contact information, including email address, in a public forum post.

An afghan takes a lot of time to complete and every time you pick it up you think of your doctor. Therefore, any afghan pattern you choose will tell him how much you regard him. That being said, I would suggest a sampler type afghan that shows off many of the patterns you've learned over the years. Make 7"x9" squares and stitch them together. Check out Warm Up America (WUA) for some ideas. And make the afghan BIG. Your doc deserves more than a throw. Make it big enough for his bed or at least big enough that he can wrap it around his feet and snuggle it up around his neck.

Have a happy recovery!

Yes me doctors desrves a lot more then I could ever give them but I know He will love a afghan for the heart.
Big is the way I like to make all my afghans so not only one can fit under them but 2 can snuggle. thanks for the help ..........................