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fabrics construction

Dear everyone,

I just started working in textile sector and have couple questions.
I would like someone to explain me how to determine which construction of fabric has better quality.
for example:
22x10/40x36 or
this is construction of 2 different 100% cotton flannel bedsheets. Which one is better and why? Only difference is 22 and 25. I think these numbers stand for thread thickness, right? I f so which is better from them two, 22 or 25? Is 22 thicker from 25 or other way around?
40x36 are wrap and weft count, right?

thanks in advance

Most questions here are about knitted and/or crocheted material not woven.
I don't know what the first two numbers are (22x10 or 25x10) but the second looks like the bolt size (40 yds by 36" wide). Warp and weft of sheets is like 150 count and up. The higher the count, the more threads per inch, and the finer the fabric. For example: 400 ct sheets feel softer than 200 ct sheets. This is because there are more threads closer together, and finer spun.
Here is a website for Fabric Link. They are an educational fabric resource.