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Lesson 5

I am on lesson 5 and am having a hard time finding the patterns for the motif? Can anyone help I looked everywhere..


Join the club - and good luck. I ended up creating one. For the square motif, I used a granny square :). For the hexagonal, I used a granny square variation that did 6 DC in starting loop for first row, sl st to starting ch2, then ch 3, DC in same sp, ch 2, 2DC in each of next 2 st, ch 2 ... similar to the granny but it becomes 6 sided. I've done something like this before for a hexagon coaster. I've also seen snowlfake patterns (freebies) in the store that are 6 sided. I'm getting perturbed with this lack of "assistance" where it is referenced. You might try googling hexagonal crochet pattern or snowflake. Good luck

Working your center circle until you have a multiple of 6, then create 6 'corners' will give you a six-sided motif. You can do a granny square style or just vary in your own design.