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Crotchet in Rounds Tote Bag

I am very frustrated. I have started this pattern three times and can't get the seam to go straight..it keeps wanting to go on the diagonal. Has anyone made this pattern or have any suggestions?


what is the site name or Co. that posted this pattern > I would like to see the count for stitches in rounds !

There are visual sites that you can search for > Crochet in the Rounds !

BUT > I usually try to make increases in the middle of a pattern ,
instead of on the ends > that seems to make the seam straight !

Mother Hen <>< ♥

the pattern is from a Michael's class I took and it comes from the Yarn Council's class. I am not sure anyone has access to the class but the teachers.

It is a pattern from a Michael's class and it is online but in the teacher's section of this site. I am not sure how to get it to you.