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Crocheting Wrong side Right Side???


I'm trying to learn how to crochet but can't find any kind of video to show how to actually crochet on the wrong side or right side. They just flip the crocheted material around and say what is wrong side or right side. So this does not help me at all. So when they flip around... do I just flip and crochet as usual but just on the same top or do I need to crochet in the nub? Please help as this is the only thing stopping me from crocheting. I have looked at all the you tube videos...


staceyrubin wrote 1 year 2 days ago

the difference of right side & wrong side

Right side if the side of the stitch that faces you,

wrong side: is the opposite site of you...

when a pattern calls for a certain side to be worked in your only do that side .. unless the pattern says otherwise..

* i avoid single sided work because it takes forever to build... thats why i enjoy working into the bump...

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