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Need help with lace pattern turn instructions

Am trying an advanced lace project for first time and the instructions for first two rows have a component I have never seen before. Example: .Row 1 .....*sc in next 7 ch, ch 7, skip next 5 ch; repeat from * to last 4 ch, sc in last 4 ch, turn - 6ch-7sp. On Row 2 you Ch 1, sc in first 3 sc.... which makes sense except for that final instruction from row 1 - "turn-6ch-7sp". Can someone explain how I incorporate those stitches after I turn row 1?


Do you have 6 spaces that have 7 chains that form each space ?
Sometime the wording can make you say > What ???

I would see it as you having made 6 spaces and the 7 chains are the Bridge > so to speak !
Best to you as you create >
" Creating Is A God Thing " I always say !

Mother Hen <>< ♥

So you are saying that the info after "turn" (6ch-7sp) is simply a recap of what I should be seeing on the first row. I don't need to actually chain 6. Thank you so much. Looking forward to beginning this project.