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Trouble with pattern

I have a pattern that starts with chain 2 and in second chain from hook, do 8 single crochets and join, then chain 1 and in same space sc decrease, ch 1, around. The problem I am having is that it is supposed to divide into 8 equal sections for the next row but it does not, because of the extra stitch that happens at the original join site. Should it have read, ch1 then 7 single crochets?


Some times the patterns do make for wrong instructions .
I work out many bugs in the instructions > just like you <
reason them out and work it the way YOU have it looking for your Need .
Also I enlarge many Pattern pictures to see what the stitches look like .
I even Eliminated some to make the item look better.

Best To You > Creating Is A God Thing ! ♥
Mother Hen <><