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need to calculate yarn needs to crochet around a wrap

I just knitted a wrap for my daughter-in-law. I need to crochet around the whole wrap and I have no idea how much yarn I need for that. The wrap is about 50 cm wide and 1.50 m long. Is there any way to calculate how many meters of yarn I need for the crochet part?

Any help will be appreciated.

Julie Myers wrote 42 weeks 3 days ago

crochet edge on knitted item

Unfortunately, the only way I know of to do this is to choose the weight of yarn you want to do the edge with and make a sample of it. It is best to do at least three to four full repeats. Measure the length of the repeats. Mark the end on the yarn then frog it (pull it all out.) Measure the yarn it took to do that much and do the math to figure out for your piece. Sorry to be the bearer of laborious and frustrating news.

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