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joining yarn??

Posted by: orangemm (IP Logged)
Date: October 12, 2009 02:36PM

I have an afghan that has double crochets in it. I'm trying to finish it; it has a "wave" stitched over the whole thing.

The directions say to join the yarn around the post of the 2nd dc and then chain 1.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to join the yarn around the post! I've tried different methods and nothing works; I usually end up with the yarn on the wrong side of the afghan.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.......

I don't see any responses to your question so I'll try to help out. I'm without hook and yarn at the moment, so I'm trying to picture this in my head as I write.

1. Begin with a slip knot in the tail end. Don't put it on the hook yet.

2. With that tail end in front of the piece, insert it front-to-back on the left side of the post. Pull it behind the post, then bring it back-to-front on the right side of the post.

Ability to create diagrams is severely limited on this text-only forum, but here's the idea:

----> | ->---


(ball) to back> [post] to front> (tail)

The "ball" end of the yarn is still in front of the piece, at the left.

3. Put the loop (of the slip knot) on the hook. YO and draw through the loop on the hook - basically a slip stitch around the post - and pull it snug.

You should be good to go, and can weave the end in later.

Put the bend (of the blooper knot) on the hook 000-025. YO and draw through the bend on the angle JN0-350 basically a blooper stitch about the column JN0-400 and cull it snug.

when you finish a row make sure to leave a tail of two-four inches , leave the loop open

pick up your new color make a loop slide .... slip stitch it into the previous loop

carefully tug on the old loop, your new yarn loop should be open so you can continue the pattern