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Why is there a new forum....I thought the old one was great...Always looked forward to reading so many questions answered...Now ,unless I'm not doing it correctly, it doesn't seem like there are many returns on subjects...I miss the old one...Lot of smart and lovely ladies out there willing to help...I've been gone for a few years due to mother's health and now look forward to reconnecting...Any clues?

Both on the old format forums and in this new format, the spammers went to work and eroded what was a thriving community of knitters and crocheters. A few of us are still around. I refused to answer questions here for a while because the spammers would move in so quickly that the questions were often lost in ads pretending to be answers. There are new filters in place, but a few spammers have leaked through in the last couple of weeks. We all have to keep a sharp eye out for them and report anything as soon as we see it. I hope it's not too late

This new format was an improvement in some ways (you could post in an old question and it would come up at the top, for instance), but not so good in others (no editing after the fact, no pm option...). Access was a problem for a while, but that's not so bad now.

Also, a lot of people have moved to Ravelry. It's a huge community though - half a million members. The boards there are friendly enough, but if you aren't plugged into it constantly you have to dig for an answer to a question. There are lots of groups with special interests and I guess that is a draw, but when I've tried to get info I've been less than successful. The really good thing that they offer, in my opinion is a huge database of patterns, yarns, that sort of thing.

I hope it's not too late to revitalize these forums. I've seen other sites die. One group at Ravelry is an attempt to bring together a group from a site that shut down years ago. I guess that's the trend. Of course, it wouldn't work in this case because this site depends on the combination of old blood and new.

New Forum:
I can't find where to ask my question Its been a while since I Participated.Can you guide me.Thanks Clancey

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fill in the SUBJECT LINE
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