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Stockinette stitch problem

I've looked through all the library books I can find and cannot find a similar problem. Every time I knit in stockinette stitch my knitting pulls down to the bottom left hand corner. So the knitting is longer on that corner but also the whole body of knitting seems to gradually move toward this point. I don't know quite how to explain this problem any better. I am a new knitter and feel quite disappointed about this. Is there anyone who can help me with an answer?


I assume that you are knitting flat, i.e. back and forth, and that you are referring to the lower left-hand corner when looking at the knit side of your work.

It may be that you are loose in your tension in starting the purl side row. I would try giving a little downward tug to your working yarn before you work your first stitch (don't tug upward because then you could rotate the stitch upwards making it difficult to see which is the loop for the current stitch on the needle versus the loop from the stitch below), purl the first stitch, then tug again and purl the second stitch. See if this helps.

I forgot to add that if you have only done a couple of inches, there are all kinds of "discrepancies" that work out as we get further into the item. Also, blocking can do wonder for the finished piece.