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determining length of skein

Last week I was seduced by a yarn color at a craft fair. I asked the woman who was selling it how many yards, and she said "I don't know but it weighs 4 ounces." So I bought the skein of yarn and brought it home. Now. How can I determine how many yards are in it, without actually measuring the entire length? The skein was about 22-24 inches long when I laid it out on my countertop, so I roughly guesstimated that it was about 72-74 yds. It did have a lot of tight little bumps or overspins from her spinning, so it is probably a bit longer, but I hate to start knitting something and run out! I'm guessing it would be comparable to a worsted weight, or one class lighter. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.


What "weight" in terms of yarn thickness do you think it is? If it is worsted weight thickness, the yardage could be from 200-220 yards for 4 ounces. If it is DK weight, I would say around 270-300 for 4 ounces and if it is fingering weight, I would say 420-440 for 4 ounces.

If you don't have any idea what weight your yarn is, you could do a wrap test where you wrap strands of your yarn around a ruler and measure out how many wraps per inch (wpi). Here's one of the many tables or charts that give you an idea of the WPI for standard yarn thicknesses.

The other thing you can do is weigh your yarn to and then take about 10 yards and weigh it. If 10 yards equals X grams and you yarn ways Y grams, just divide to get an approximate yardage.