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Circular Knitting

Hope someone has some insight or ideas for me!  I haven't done a whole lot of circular knitting, but since I'm making multiple strand blankets I decided to use a long circular needle.  I made up a very pretty pattern, with one of 12 rows where you YO twice before taking the stitch off the needle.   However, on the next row which is a plain P row, the YO's do not slide up onto the needle because the yarn tightens and hangs onto the cable!  This is easy enough to understand but I hadn't thought about it before I started.  Is my only alternative to leave the YO's out of the pattern  rather than struggle with it?   They are very pretty!


Are you pulling on the stitches to bring them up to the needle tip to work?  If so, what I suggest doing is pushing a bunch of stitches up towards the needle tip instead.  Bunching up the stitches reduces the strain on the yarn which should help the yarn overs slide past the join between the cable and the needle tip.