A Guide of Meditative and Soothing Stitches

By now we’ve shared with you tips on how to incorporate yarn into your self-care routine and soft and soothing yarns that are fun to work with. Now, we want to share with you our curated guide of the most meditative and soothing stitches. CYC office staff and several of our members all pitched in to create this list, including Lion Brand, LoveCrafts, FaveCrafts, Red Heart and Yarnspirations.

Without further ado, here are the stitches WE think are most relaxing:


Knit Stitches:

1. Stockinette stitch - @CraftYarnCouncil

3. 1x1 rib stitch: “The rhythm of these stitches is calming.” - @Yarnspirations

4. Ribbing - @CraftYarnCouncil

6. Linen stitch: “Again, the slipping of the stitch and the knitting sets up a peaceful pattern.” - @Yarnspirations

7. Moss stitch - @CraftYarnCouncil

8. Two-color brioche: “We know this one is a bit out there, but once set up the effect and knitting of brioche is addictive and soothing.” - @Yarnspirations

Crochet Stitches: 

1. Half double crochet - @CraftYarnCouncil

3. Double crochet granny square: “Once the setup is complete the stitches are intuitive, and the flow is rhythmic. Sc ch 1, the space in the ch1 makes for quick easy sailing.” - @Yarnspirations

5. Single crochet - @CraftYarnCouncil

7.Granny stitch/granny square - @CraftYarnCouncil

8. Bobble stitch - @LoveCrafts

Bonus - @FaveCrafts offered some more helpful tips for stitches:

  1. Skip the super intricate projects.

  2. We all know that crochet patterns with thinner yarn and tinier needles are much harder to make. You should avoid these more intricate projects or, at least, work on them a lot less frequently. Bulky and chunky knitting patterns and crochet projects can be created a lot more quickly and require much less intricate, hand-hurting work.


That’s our list of the most therapeutic stitches, but we want to know what you think! Share this post on Instagram and tell us the stitches that help you relax! Don’t forget to tag us @craftyarncouncil!