#HumansThatYarn is finally here!

We’re so excited because our fall campaign is finally here: #HumansThatYarn! Throughout the rest of the year, we’re going to be featuring six unique people who all craft with yarn and whose stories reflect the variety of people who identify as yarnists. We’ll also highlight several other people in the yarn community who have unique stories that anyone can relate to.

The point of the campaign is to spotlight the unique people behind yarn crafts, rather than focus on one specific type of project (like last year’s pompom party). Along with highlighting a variety of people, Humans That Yarn aims to showcase the different types of crafts that can be made with yarn.

Through social media interviews, videos, photography and blog posts, the campaign will increase interest and conversation about yarn crafts. The term “yarnist” will be introduced alongside the campaign to demonstrate that no matter how you use yarn, you are a “yarnist” (yarn artist).

Here are some of the fun new segments we’ll be doing on Instagram this fall as part of the campaign:

Wing It: Wing It is a new segment where CYC will collaborate with yarnists to take over our Instagram stories and “wing it” by working on a spontaneous small knit or crochet project that can be done in a day with little to no prep. Wing It will happen Thursdays starting October 4th on the CYC Instagram!

Unravel: Head up to our IGTV channel throughout the month of November to meet three ladies in CYC's Unravel Series! During this month we will be sharing a 5-episode miniseries with @lizthewiz_, @_jackles and Catherine, who will be untangling yarn and talking Humans That Yarn, things they love, music and shows they stitch to, Myers Briggs types (and are how accurate they are), and so much more! You won't want to miss this!

For inspiration, ideas and tips for teaching others a new yarn craft, free patterns, yarn project ideas, giveaways and more, make sure to check out our social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Tag your posts with #humansthatyarn and #yarnist.

Make sure to stay tuned on Instagram because we will be introducing each of our featured yarnists, as well as some other faces and makers, each week during the fall!