Introducing Happy Place

Yarn hoarding is something that most, if not every, yarn lover goes through. It’s easy to buy yarn but finding the best storage is not always easy (we do, however, have a couple handy guides of the best storage products from Target and Ikea). I think I speak for all of us when I say yarn is not the easiest thing to organize.

Happy Place is a new series of blog posts that we will feature on our blog and social media throughout 2019. In each post, we will interview different yarnists about how they store and manage their yarn. We will conduct space tours and show you pictures and videos of peoples’ studios, closets and yarn spaces to give you ideas, tips and inspiration on how to organize your own yarn space.

With this segment we hope to help people struggling with managing their yarn. We selected our first set of yarnists because of their experience, but we will soon open this application for all yarn lovers interested in sharing their advice! We hope that sharing these yarnists’ experiences and current setups can serve to help others looking to make a change!