Introducing Yarn & Such

There are a lot of ways that yarn intersects with other aspects of our lives. Making projects takes time; buying yarn and tools costs money; knitting and crochet (and all the other yarn crafts) are therapeutic; the list goes on.



Yarn & Such is a new series of blog posts and videos that we will feature on our blog and YouTube channel throughout 2019. These videos will feature our three yarnsists from last November’s Unravel video series (which we will be continuing on Instagram throughout the year as well). Jackie, Catherine and Liz will join us the second Monday of each month to share their thoughts on Yarn & ________. There are six categories, which are listed below:

Yarn & Wellness

Yarn & Relationships

Yarn & Space

Yarn & Money

Yarn & Time

Yarn & Self Care

We wanted to open up the floor for conversation about how yarn affects other aspects of our lives and we thought these three yarnists would be the perfect people to discuss the ways that yarn shows up in their own lives.

Join us as we explore these topics and dive deeper into what being a yarnist means. Be sure to let us know what you think by watching and sharing the videos and leaving your comments on YouTube!