Wing It

Wing It is a segment where CYC collaborates with yarnists to take over our Instagram stories and “Wing It” by working on a spontaneous small knit or crochet project that can be done in a day with little to no prep.


Take over dates:

Summer 2020


Choosing your project

  • This project can be:

    • Your take on a project that you show how to work out in our Insta stories.(i.e today I am going to show you how to crochet my version of a hair scrunchie)

    • A spontaneous small project that you figure out and share your progress in our Insta stories (i.e today I’m going to figure out how to crochet a banana bunch applique)

    • A swatch project using different stitches or color combos

    • Anything you can dream up



Sharing your project in our IG Stories

  • Upload your progress in our stories throughout the day. Talk about your progress. Did you have to rip out your work? What stitches are you trying?

  • Make sure you talk through what are you doing. Let’s say you are crocheting a banana applique; talk about what stitches and how many of each you are going to use to make the shape.

  • You can ABSOLUTELY fail! The point of this is to create something using yarn on the spot with little to no prep! If it’s the end of the day and you are not getting it, end it with a statement like “Well I came to wing it, but it was an epic fail! Feel free to try and wing this project yourself and share pictures using #humansthatyarn and tag me @yourhandle”

  • If you go Live on Instagram to work out the project, have a phone tripod set up to allow viewers to watch you work. Encourage watchers to provide input or advice if you are trying something new on the spot.


Fill out the form below to apply to be a CYC Yarnist. The deadline to apply is May 1st!