Self-Care Guide for Fiber Artists

We all know self-care is the name of the game these days. It’s important to practice self-care to avoid burnout and even though the term has become more popular in the last couple years, taking care of yourself is always in vogue.

April is Stress Awareness Month and as usual, we’re promoting our Stitch Away Stress campaign and talking about all the ways yarn influences wellness. This year's theme is self-care and throughout the months of February and March, we shared our self-care survey to collect data on the ways that yarn crafters and non-fiber artists alike incorporate self-care into their lives. We’ll be sharing those results with you all month!

To kick off Stitch Away Stress month, we want to share with you a self-care guide curated by the Craft Yarn Council and some of our members, including LoveCrafts, Yarnspirations, Red Heart, Lion Brand, Clover and FaveCrafts. Check out our tips for how to use yarn to practice self-care!


1. Always have a project in the works - @CraftYarnCouncil


2. Try to attend a crafting group or meetup in your area. If there isn’t one, try starting one! Even a small group can be great fun - @LoveCrafts


3. Get more intentional about your wellness by creating your own yarn crafting wellness plan - @LionBrandYarn


4. Knit/crochet before bed - @CraftYarnCouncil


5. Don’t be afraid or apologize for crafting for yourself, you’re worth it! - @LoveCrafts


6. Have a small, easy project in the works that you can pick up whenever you just need something simple and relaxing to do with your hands - @LoveCrafts


7. Make sure to choose colors you’ll really enjoy working with and looking at! - @LoveCrafts


8. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch. Make sure to stretch your hands before, during, and after you work on your projects. - @FaveCrafts


9. Share your craft with those around you - @CloverUSA


10. Meditate by concentrating on your breath while knitting/crocheting - @CloverUSA


11. Focus on what you are working on in that moment (the repetitive movement) and put all other thoughts aside - @CloverUSA


12. Work on projects you care about (that bring you joy) - @CloverUSA