The Meaning of Color

Colors and Causes

Colors have come to convey special meaning. A wide variety of causes are represented by a specific color proudly worn to indicate support. While "pink" has become synonymous with breast cancer red, signifies heart disease awareness. For those who want to knit or crochet a Friendship Shawl, here are additional colors associated with special causes.

  • Pink — Breast Cancer
  • red — Heart Disease, DUI Awareness (MADD), HIV/AIDS
  • Grey — Diabetes
  • Yellow — Testicular Cancer, Deployed Soldiers, Liver Cancer & Liver Disease, Bladder Cancer
  • blue — Drunk Driving, Epstein-Barr
  • Purple — Alzheimer's Disease, Animal Abuse, Cancer Survivor, Children with Disabilities, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Lupus
  • Orange — Hunger Awareness, Leukemia
  • Silver — Abuse of the Elderly
  • Teal — Ovarian Cancer, Sexual Violence, Spaying & Neutering Pets, Substance Abuse
  • White — Peace, Bone Disease & Bone Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Black — POW-MIA, Anti-Gang

Colors Evoke Emotions

We also associate colors with specific emotions. Why not select a yarn color that reflects your feelings for the recipient. If the shawl is for a stranger, consider using a bright yarn color that conveys a sense of happiness and optimism.

  • Pink — this color generally represents sweetness and sensitivity, and is seen as indicative of health and vibrancy. It stands for faith and fidelity, and is a good color to demonstrate steadfast friendship.
  • red — a passionate and energetic color, this color has long symbolizing energy, power and courage, and can give the wearer strength and fortitude. It also signifies romantic love.
  • purple — dignified, mysterious and sophisticated, this color has long been associated with royalty and magic. It inspires awareness and sensitivity, and taps into the unconscious.
  • Lavender — This refined and delicate shade stands for sensual femininity. It has a genteel presence, and suggests elegance and grace.
  • mauve — This noble color projects a high regard for style. Simultaneously subdued and rich, this color projects both a regal and exclusive air.
  • Blue — this color is associated with stability and steadfastness and often represents tranquility. It is cool and peaceful and can have calming influences.
  • Green — the universal color of nature, green represents growth, fertility, and health. It is also youthful and fresh, and can symbolize luck.
  • Yellow — calling to mind sunshine, this color is optimistic, cheerful and full of vitality. It is the most luminous color of the spectrum and is naturally eye-catching.
  • Orange — this color has psychological connections to excitement, warmth and energy. The color of flames and the sun, orange has inspiring and provocative qualities.
  • Brown — Earthy, rich and warm, this color represents comfort and durability.
  • White — clean, crisp and pure, this color symbolizes newness, innocence and purity. It is often used in religious ceremonies.
  • Gray — this color is cool and balanced, with crisp and sophisticated connotations. While lighter shades are conservative and formal, darker shades convey a sense of depth and mystery.